Our Achievements

Over the years, RDAQ has taken on a strong medico-political role and has a proud record of achievement.  RDAQ represents the breadth of Queensland rural doctors: specialist and generalist, public and private, procedural and non-procedural, Australian trained and overseas trained.

RDAQ has developed strong working relationships with the State Government and Opposition ;  within Queensland Health; and with other rurally-based groups and stakeholders.   However, these relationships do not compromise our independence or our ability to comment frankly on issues of concern.

In response to the recent reviews of Queensland's Health System and the 2009 State election , RDAQ has  formulated a Rural Health Solutions Statement
We will continue to use this document as a basis for the development of models for more effective health service delivery in rural Queensland.

We have been able to achieve significant gains not only for salaried medical officers throughout the State, but also private rural practitioners. These include:

For Rural Medical Families...

  • RDAQ promotes the needs of the families of rural doctors and liaises closely with the Queensland Rural Medical Family Network
  • A spouse and family program is held each year as part of RDAQ's annual conference

For Private Medical Practitioners...

  • Rural Retention Payments up to $18 000 per year from the Federal Government.  This has been achieved through the sole efforts of RDAA;
  • Memorandum of Understanding, Immunisation Incentives and Practice Incentive Payments -  RDAA has been integral to the development and implementation of all of these;
  • Rural VMO's increased rates of pay for Queensland public hospital work, eg. a 100% increase in the emergency call in fee in 1997 & now linked to CPI; with further increases provided through EB6;
  • Medical Indemnity Subsidies - Queensland Health contribution of up to $4100 towards the cost of procedural indemnity cover for private rural doctors negotiated annually;
  • Revision of Government Medical Officer (GMO) fees and conditions, with major increases in fees, as well as access to funded training.

For full time Medical Superintendents and Senior Medical Officers...

  • Car and mobile phone package and improvements to residences
  • Guaranteed 2 days free from duty per week; with continued lobbying to ensure that adequate relieving arrangements are provided
  • Improvements to residences;
  • Pursuing the provision of the inaccessibility allowance as provided for full-time QH hospital doctors under the EB6 award

For Medical Superintendents and Officers with Rights to Private Practice (MSRPP's and MORPP's)...

  • RDAQ was responsible for MSRPP's achieving an industrial award that guaranteed minimum conditions; and the Association continues to represent MSRPPs industrially
  • Car and mobile phone package;
  • Increased rostered time off from I to 1.5 days per week (ie. 6 days off every 4 weeks instead of 5 days every 5 weeks);  with current lobbying to increase the time off for these doctors
  • Indemnity cover by Queensland Health for private procedural work performed by these doctors;
  • Improvements to residences & private practice facilities; Senior status for long serving Queensland Health employees;
  • Inclusion in commonwealth incentive schemes such as PIP and Rural Retention Program.
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