Overview of RDAQ and Services

RDAQ Activities:

Advocacy and Representation – RDAQ meets regularly with the State Minister for Health, the Shadow Minister, and with senior bureaucrats within Queensland Health.  The Association provides policy input, monitors rural medical issues and supports individual members.

Reports and Submissions – RDAQ develops and presents reports, submissions to committees, enquiries and policy reviews.  It has partnered with other organisations to publish detailed submissions on rural maternity services, indigenous health and International Medical Graduates.

Industrial Issues – RDAQ monitors industrial issues and actively works to improve conditions for both public and private rural doctors.

Media and Publicity – Regular press releases from both RDAQ and RDAA ensure that the issues impacting on rural doctors and rural communities are highlighted in the media.

Liaison with Other Organisations – RDAQ works closely with Rural Training Providers; Rural Divisions of General Practice; Health Workforce Queensland; Queensland Rural Medical Family Network; AMA Queensland; ACRRM and RACGP; and other rurally –based organisations.

Annual Conference – The annual conference is a highlight on the RDAQ calendar.   It provides excellent opportunities for professional development, medico-political discussions, family time and fellowship.  www.rdaq.com.au/conference

National Issues are addressed through the Rural Doctors Association of Australia (RDAA).  All RDAQ members automatically become members of RDAA and receive RDAA newsletters and updates.

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