Registrars and Doctors in Training

RDAQ has a special interest in supporting Interns, Registrars and Doctors-in-Training. 

Discounted membership rates are available. Please see membership forms to the right of this page.
All doctors-in-training who join RDAQ automatically become a member of RDAQ-DIRRTA (Doctors in Rural and Remote Training Association).   DIRRTA is a sub-committee of RDAQ. 

Its objectives include:

  • To provide advice and direction to the profession and other interested parties on the current and future directions of rural medicine and rural medical training.
  • To represent the views and opinions of doctors in rural training and those who intend to practice in a rural or remote setting.
  • To be inclusive of all groups who have an interest in rural or remote training.
  • To support and advocate on behalf of doctors in rural and remote training, their partners and families.
  • To always act with the betterment of health of rural and remote Australians in mind.

RDAQ-DIRRTA activities:

  • Assist in developing policy within the framework of RDAQ on rural and remote training
  • Advocacy and support
  • Promotion
  • Coordination and referencing of training options for rural and remote doctors
  • Orientation of new rural doctors and their partners
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