RDAQ Membership benefits 


Q: Why join RDAQ?


A: RDAQ is your professional family.

 We are a unique network that provides genuine belonging, career networking and individual and industry-wide advocacy.

Member benefits

  • Advocacy, individual support and referral services.
  • a voice at a state level within Queensland and nationally through Rural Doctors Association of Australia.
  • Unique networking and professional development events.
  • Timely communiques and newsletters.
  • Membership with our peer networks.
  • Massive discounts to our annual state and national conferences.

Amplify your voice!

  • We give voice to the issues that impact you and your practice 
  • Your membership supports your colleagues and their communities
  • Together we give a voice to rural and remote healthcare and that is at the core of our advocacy. 

So many opportunities for:

  • professional development with content that is relevant to rural and remote practice.
  • to develop as a leader.
  • to be actively involved in shaping the future of rural health.

You can connect:

  • for continuous improvement and personal and professional growth
  • with peers and mentors.
  • you and your family for support and camaraderie.




 Join now!

RDAA is your national voice. Join RDAQ and you will automatically receive membership with Rural Doctors Association of Australia.

RDAA's advocacy is critical because so much of health policy is driven by the Commonwealth, including Medicare, workforce distribution and funding policy. 

RDAA delivers:

  • Working closely with Commonwealth government and opposition to develop policies and programs that succeed in rural areas.
  • Promoting rural medical careers to junior doctors #DestinationRural.
  • Providing professional support for rural doctors.
  • Advocating for improved financial incentives for rural doctors.
  • Promoting strategies that will build a sustainable rural medical workforce.